Monday, April 16, 2012

# 1 - Start Here - The Red Wolf & Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck than it probably is a duck.
If it has big teeth, likes to eat 5lbs of meat a day and gets really hungry in winter...

Welcome to the Red Wolf Awareness Project, I'm Matt Wyman and I'll be your host as we walk the slippery slope between Good Wolf & Bad Wolf.  After all as Hegel pointed out, there are very few better ways to control the Sheeple of the world than Hegel's Technique.  Simply divide the People into two camps and make them hate each other... Isn't that the saying? "United We Stand, Divided We Fall?"  So what we need are facts and open minds willing not only to look at the true information but also able to control the impulse to jump to conclusions.  Let's start with the fact that some people have decided for the rest of the US and North Carolina in particular that Red Wolves would be a good Tax Dollar investment - and that these wolves should then be released back into the wild backyard of America.  Who are the some people?  That is a question for another Blog.  The fact we are after is "is it true that Red Wolves have been released in North Carolina?"  Simply do a search on Red Wolves North Carolina and you find that yes!  Over 100 Red Wolves have been released.

OK so we have Red Wolves in the Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge in northeastern North Carolina.  
That was 2003 however... The Wolves have naturally migrated to other parts of the state including my own backyard.  I'm an old school naturalist who believes in getting out into the back woods and turning over rocks and fallen logs to see what curious creatures are hidden there.  Imagine my surprise when I began being run out of the woods by wolves!  Now I live in an Autobahn sanctioned society in Northern Durham County, so we cherish our wild life.  Durham by the way is in the middle of the State.  It is a fact however that I do not wish to be attacked or eaten.  I don't like the idea of wolves here at all, namely because it is no longer safe to go in the woods alone.  Last weekend I took some time to scout the perimeter of these back woods and photographed the prints made in last weeks rain drenched mud.  Unlike dogs, whose tracks meander, wolves and coyotes travel in strait lines - these were just such tracks...  Have a look:
Well that's all for now folks!  But I'll leave you with some good plain advice if you do go out in the back woods (and I'm not talking about your local park or trail walks in commonly used National Forests):

Surviving A Wolf Attack 

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