Tuesday, April 24, 2012

# 4 -The Grey Wolf: A Reintroduction

Grey wolves are the larger of the two species of wolf (Red and Grey here discussed) which have been reintroduced into the Land of the Free.
Regarding size, some researchers have determined that Grey Wolves are an "Indeterminate" species - in that their size is largely determined by their diet.  We don't have to look far to find a similar example: American's could be said to be Indeterminate when it comes to size as well.  Below are some rather large examples of Grey Wolves, is it the order of "half a cow" each that makes them so large (Ordo ab Chao anyone?)?
The above Grey was apparently taken in a Bear Trap after he had been observed chasing the bear away!  Note the left front bloody paw in concordance with the trap description.
A large Grey Wolf - Note to reader, this site does not promote hunting of wolves nor is it against wolf hunting/regulation.  Simply going after the truth of wolves, their relative size and reintroduction habits.

Unless this guy is like 5' 1" I'd qualify this grey wolf as "One Big Bad Wolf."  I believe it still has a radio collar on too...  Wonder who thought we should have wolves again???
Oh wait the cork?!  Are those Wolves standing around the 'Tree of Life?'  - What kind of a wolf in sheeps clothing Protocol is this anyway???

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