Friday, October 14, 2016

#28 Wolves in Action - Wolves on Video in Hunt Formation

If you've never had the experience of being in the presence of wolves (and I'm not counting viewing them from the bus in Denali or a group howling at a controlled park) then this video from our France team will bring you up to speed.  Watch the systematic movement of these three wolves.  Notice how they constantly check-in in an almost military grade fashion...  Notice the bristle & tension.

Basic advice - if you must go into or through the woods alone walk with purpose and intention - do not wander.  Deciding to run will be discussed in one of my two personal encounters sometime later.  As Sting said, a gentleman will walk but never run.  A sharp pointed stick down the open throat is the best single defense outside a decent gun.  December & January are the worst months to be out in the woods as the starvation principle becomes do or die for the wolves.  It's a very intense thing to discover your being stalked.  Be Calm - Steel Pulse It.  Spend as much of your energy on your confidence as you can spare.  Jah Bless

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