Tuesday, January 13, 2015

#15 - Umstead Forest a Hike Around the Lake

Howdy Folks,
I went out wolf tracking last Sunday 1-11-15.  December & January are the two months when your most likely to see, hear or find signs of wolves (because they are most likely to be starving).
When I found this "boundary" marker the woods suddenly went quiet in an eerie way.  Except for two blue jays which were sounding the alarm over my find.  Interestingly - as with past close encounters - there was a "buck-tree" near these scratch marks.  A buck-tree, for those who don't know is a tree which a male deer has taken to marking - it is a stand for that turf.  It's not the same as when a young buck sheds it's antler fur.  These guys mean business - they have full 6-8 point racks and they sharpen them on the singled out tree.  Most of the bark will be worn from the buck-tree at a height that the predictors can smell/reach.  Essentially it's a warning or threat to the wolves.  Hence its not surprising that the wolf marker seen below was placed close by...  Starving wolves will risk impalement rather than die of hunger.

Needless to say, I won't be going out that far alone in the future 😳🐺
- but it was exciting!  Also, noted far fewer deer tracks and far less physical sightings of deer here in NC than in years past...  These were taken while circling a decent sized lake in Umstead Forest, Raleigh, NC.

Keep Alert in the Woods!

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